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About Me

Yi-Fei Chen, born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, received Master’s degree in Social Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. In her early explorations, she focused on reflecting on the interaction and relationship between human beings and the environment by discussing the significance of mass production of products. Her works at the time tended to challenge the inevitability of existing knowledge and recognition in the society by using the techniques of satire. Then, through the non-stop exploration and the process of introspection, the theme of her creation has gradually extended to the development of civilization to cross-cultural identity and generational anxiety, presenting the life experiences shared by herself and her generation.

In Chen’s works, she often uses sophisticated devices to demonstrate the dynamic relationship between the individual with the internal/external world, or proposes the reflection on the world through the recreation of existing objects, expressing her internal experience in a real yet absurd, impactful yet introverted design language. The contradictory characteristics of her works are often widely discussed on the Internet. Chen has had exhibitions in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Taiwan, and Dubai. Currently, she is a European-based artist.

陳儀霏,台灣台北人。工業設計學士與荷蘭恩荷芬設計學院(Design Academy Eindhoven)社會設計碩士(Social Design)。早期由探討大量製造工業產品的意義反思人類甚至萬物與環境的互動關聯,作品以諷刺的手法詰問社會既有認知的必然性,後透過不停的探索與內觀過程,創作主題逐漸由文明發展聚焦至跨文化認同與世代焦慮,呈現藝術家自身與其所處世代,共同的生命經驗。



2021  “Re:Tune" together with PEI-YING LIN / Zone2Source / Amsterdam


2020   “ONWARD & UPWARD - Art in the Garden of Life” / Droog Gallery / Amsterdam

2020   “Bodydrift - Anatomies of the Future” / Design Museum Den Bosch / Den Bosch

2019   “Tracing border” / Temporary Art Center / Eindhoven

2019   “Designate Injustice” / National Human Right Museum / New Taipei

2018   “BLOOT” (Naked) / Museum Kranenburgh / Bergen

2018   “Line of sight” / Mudac museum / Lausanne

2017   “Global Grad Show”/ Dubai Design Week 2017 / Dubai

2017   “Change the System” / Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen / Rotterdam

2017   “Translation error” / Dutch Design Week 2017 / Eindhoven

2017   “The principle of least effort” / Kunstvereniging Diepenheim / Diepenheim

2017   “Where form meets art” / Antwerp

2016   “100 years of Dutch design” / Taiwan Design Museum / Taipei

2016     DAE graduation show / Dutch Design Week 2016 / Eindhoven